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Professional CNC Laser Cutting & Finishing

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CNC Fiber Laser Cutting

Our 12kw sheet laser can cut up to 1-1/2″ thick steel and 1″ thick aluminum or stainless. The speed and accuracy is high quality. 

Precise Tube Cutting

Our tube laser can cut up to 8″x8″ Square, Round, I-Beam, T-Bar, Angle, or Flat bar. We can cut steel, aluminum, and stainless with outstanding accuracy.

CNC Bending services

Our 140 ton CNC Press Brake can bend 1/4″ up to 8ft and bend thicker materials on smaller lengths. This press brake can bend parts repeatedly with exceptional accuracy from start to finish.

CNC Machining

We take pride in the ability to serve our customers with their precision machining services. That’s why we’re a fully integrated CNC machining shop capable of manufacturing just about any type of precision cnc machining part. We offer cnc milling and cnc turning from high production to prototypes.


Our welding process has taken us years to perfect. We can offer mig, tig, stick and even laser welding. We can weld steel, aluminum, and stainless materials. We also offer a mobile welding service as well. 

Poweder Coating

We offer prototype and production powder coating. Our oven size is 6ftx4ftx6ft. We have many colors in stock.


Cerakoting is our newest addition to the shop. We offer high heat coatings to durable coatings. The high heat v series can handle up to 1800 degrees.