The chart will tell you what decisions to make based on your hand and your dealer’s up-card. If you’ve ever researched blackjack games, one name probably came up more than any other — Spanish 21. To that end, this article will discuss Spanish 21 rules, gameplay, and tips on how to play it. Only suckers take insurance in blackjack, and in Spanish 21, it is an even worse bet! If you are in a good spot to double down, you need to take advantage of it every time. If the dealer stands on a soft 17, the house edge on Spanish 21 is only 0.40%. If the dealer hits on a soft 17 with redoubling allowed, the house edge is 0.42%.

What is more, the late surrender rule just explained can also prove useful and is allowed in such cases. Thus, even if you have put a lot of money into a split hand, you can still apply the late surrender to one of the split halves in order to forfeit only half your wager. The payouts for the classic blackjack card game are not too different from what Spanish 21 awards its players. However, there are MyStake Casino some additional play moves and bonus payouts which change the win amounts in some cases. Hence, it is best to have a clear preview of specific payouts for each possible hand, and make a calculated move with lowest risks and highest wins potential. You’ll notice many similarities between Spanish 21 and classic blackjack. Nevertheless, it does bear several noteworthy differences from the original.

We highly advise players to master the chart using the free versions of the Spanish 21 card game first before they can actually use it at the tables. Also referred to as a Spanish 21 basic strategy card, it is a guideline that players can use in any Spanish 2 online casino so as to be able to win at the tables. Unlike the Spanish 21 cheat sheet, it employs a strategy that is simple and straightforward for the players. As mentioned earlier, the foundations of Spanish 21 are still deeply rooted in blackjack gameplay.

Ask our dealers or any of our other friendly staff for information about the game or bets if you aren’t sure about any of the rules. When you’re done gaming, grab a meal or a drink at one of our many on-site establishments, or treat yourself to a night in our luxury hotel. Plus, they can double and re-double down on any split cards and use late surrender even after your splits. These rules give players much more wiggle room and increase their chances of winning.

Player’s total of 21

One of the most important rules in Spanish 21, that highly differs from blackjack, is the rule that a player’s 21 always beats a dealer’s 21. With the best online casino websites coming to the fore, this has become all the more evident, and many additional game variants became a regular part of the best online slots. The casino floor abounds with all kinds of table and slot games, developed throughout the years to meet the specific preferences of the player pool.


If the cards dealt to a split hand result in a further pair of cards of equal value, the resulting pair may be split again. In Las Vegas casinos, Spanish 21 is played on a semi-circular table, with the round portion of the table facing the players, and the straight edge side facing the dealer. Spanish 21 is an exciting, fast-paced variation of Blackjack (21) that combines the excitement of a the regular Blackjack game with the multiple payoffs of a slot machine. Spanish 21 is like regular 21 (blackjack) with more options and more fun ways to win. We strongly advise you not to draw for the bonus payouts, and you should nevermore place any new side bets if you have to pay extra to be qualified for them.

How To Play Spanish 21

Even if you end up playing the hand differently, it is still helpful knowing that you have eligible advice at all times. The rules of standard blackjack and its Spanish counterpart are similar. The main objective of the game is to reach 21 before the dealer.


The main reason that you are going to struggle to find a Spanish 21 table these days is because the game is just too player-friendly for savvy players. If you get another ace, you can split it again, up to 4 total splits. Not only can you keep splitting and hitting, but you can even double down after a split!

While it has the same game flow, this variant of the famous card game provides players with some extra chances at hitting a win. It may well be a dream come true for those looking for the variant where every 21 total is a winning hand, and a 7-packed 21 offers an additional bonus prize. Still, it finds alternative ways to turn things around for the dealers as well. This version of the standard gameplay is still predominantly based on the original rules of blackjack gameplay.

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All that’s left is for you to search for the game and give it a try. Sometimes, even though you have all the info that you need to make a good decision, things don’t work out the way that you wanted. If you find yourself in a spot where you don’t like your hand, swallow your ego, and take the built-in escape clause, and surrender to live to fight another day. We at would recommend studying Spanish blackjack charts first and then altering your Spanish 21 strategy accordingly. Nowadays, Spanish 21 boasts its precedence over any other blackjack variant. The insurance bet will lose if the dealer’s second card is an Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9. One card face up to each box on the layout that contains a wager.

Sometimes you get face cards on both hands and make a pair of 21s, which is awesome, but other times you pull cards like deuces or treys and are stuck with bad hands. The dealer must draw an additional card if their point total is 16 or under and must stand if they have 17 or over. At this point any additional cards required to be dealt to the hand of the dealer will then be dealt face up. After the dealer’s hand has been completed, the dealer will then announce their total point count. Spanish 21 is a table game that was presented at brick and mortar casinos in 1995. Besides the classic version of Blackjack online, countless other interesting variants stem from the original counterpart.

If the dealer’s first dealt card is a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9, the dealer will immediately collect one-half of the bet and return one-half to the player. Doubled hands give you an extra chance to win but are ineligible for Spanish 21’s bonus and Super Bonus payouts. When your cards equal 21 in Spanish 21, you might qualify for a Bonus 21. The chart below explains each type of bonus you can receive for achieving a total of 21. All Spanish 21 payoffs are based on the Players’ hands totaling 21. After a Player has received their first two cards, they may elect to “Surrender” half of their original wager.

Each receives two up-cards, and the dealer gets one up and one down-card. The game’s goal is to create a hand as close to 21 as possible without going over that sum. Players can stand, hit, or split depending on their hand’s worth. Basic strategy is a set of rules for different types of hands, advising you when it’s best to hit, stand, split or double down. Following basic strategy can increase the odds of winning but can’t guarantee you a win. Late surrenders is another additional rule that increases the odds of the player. However, surrendering is never allowed on a dealer’s blackjack.

Players may split cards of equal value including Aces up to three times, creating four hands. Hitting and doubling of split hands including Aces is permitted. This way, you’ll reduce your chances of busting and give yourself a better chance of winning down the line. You can look up Spanish 21 basic strategy charts to learn what you should do in response to various other circumstances.

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